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Impersonal Foul is a weekly sports gossip and culture newsletter from Madeline Hill and is one of Substack’s featured publications.

I’ve spent years working in media, covering The 2016 Election™, making Big Little Lies memes and smashing that RT (for now) on another viral Media Twitter tweet.

My first love is sports. If you know me, you know that I once tried to get out of a wedding that was being held on New Year’s Eve, so I could fly back to Los Angeles in time to watch Georgia (Go Dawgs) defeat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.

I did not get out of the wedding.

Impersonal Foul is a newsletter dedicated to the Personal Life section of your favorite athletes. Right now, I’m focusing on the NBA playoffs, because I spent way too much time watching JaVale McGee’s YouTube videos of the food they were served in The Bubble and I need to put those hours to good use.

I still think about LeBron yelling Taco Tuesday in a hotel ballroom that was converted into a practice court.

Okay, but literally why?

After being a child of divorced parents, my dad moved moved into a condo near downtown Atlanta. The sort of complex where a lot of White Men complained about how often the pool was getting cleaned and that we should change the gate code more often for “security purposes.”

Fun fact: When I was a senior in high school, the women’s basketball coach recruited me to play for one season basically because I was tall. It did not work out.

We spent most of our Thursdays and Every Other Weekends watching sports at his condo. Georgia playing Florida? We watched it. The Falcons blowing another lead? We watched it. A 30 For 30 documentary that he already showed us five Thursdays ago? We rewatched that, too.

More importantly, I watched SportsCenter. I’d wake up early to catch the end of the 6am broadcast and watch the Top 10 Plays. Then, I’d down a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and watch the beginning of the new 7am broadcast.

I love sports, but I hate sports commentary. Think of Impersonal Foul as the pre-game show that you can read while having a table of men argue about plays that haven’t even happened yet.

If deep dives into Zillow listings of McMansions that NBA first-round picks just purchased sounds like your jam, welcome to Impersonal Foul.


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If Bravo and ESPN had a baby.


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